Monday, January 31, 2011

B2ST’s Dongwoon and SHINee’s Taemin "proposes" to Key

The video above was this recent Idol star athletics.

A very amusing event that took some fans laughing. Thanks to a fan which covered this amusing "proposal". The so called proposal was between Dongwoon and Key and Taemin and Key. In the video the banner served as a proposal gift by Dongwoon to Key. Key then acts as if someone really is proposing to him. Later in the video Taemin then tries to do the same. Its good that the boys are having fun but I suggest next time to not do that "proposal" again but I have to admit that was really funny.

Some comments are "key is so popular" " Key’s reaction is like Dongwoon’s really proposing to him! LOL Key’s a great actor!!!” “It’s so nice to know everyone is so close.” and "LOL. is that Jonghyun who dislikes this fancam? I bet he is. your fault Jong.."(The last comment pertaining to the only one who hated the video)

Writer: Joshua Diaz
Credit: Allkpop
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