Wednesday, January 26, 2011

INFINITE reveals the production details behind their “BTD” comeback

In an effort to survive in the competitive idol industry, ‘point choreography’ has become another necessity in earning headlines and fame.
After making a fresh debut with “Come Back Again” last year, the boys of INFINITE returned this month with “Before the Dawn,” which features a darker and more charismatic concept than their last. The highlight of their comeback could be pointed to the ‘Scorpion Dance’, which instantly made headlines for its complexity.
Sung Kyu began with a laugh, “Everyone says we got a lot more masculine, and I think it’s because our song is about a man’s determination to capture someone before the sun rises.  In order to express the song’s meaning, we went through a more masculine change as well.  We also exercised a lot more, and all of us lost around 3-4 kg in weight. Have our jaw lines become sharper?”
Sung Yeol added, “We lost weight in order to better fit ourselves to the album’s stronger concept.  Before ‘BTD,’ we had a friendlier image. My nickname used to be ‘elementary school boy Sung Yeol.’  I did lose weight to convey a sharper image… but I’m not sure if people view me that way.”
L continued, “We recorded the title track with the intent to express the color ‘noir’, and tried hard in our attempt to give off the feel of a rough man’s charms. Can you feel the change in our gaze?”
Woo Hyun stated, “Just like L said, we worked on dredging our emotions up to the surface.  We heard that our vocals have gotten a lot more mature in comparison to our first album, so it felt good getting praised by our CEO, who’s usually not so generous with his compliments.”
Sung Jong further added, “The songs we added are a lot stronger and more masculine in comparison to our first mini-album.  You can tell just by the lyrics that they’re sorrowful, but also very strong.”
Hoya, who participated in creating the choreography for their title track, revealed, “I put the point of the choreography on what is now called the ‘Scorpion Dance.’  That name was given to us by our fans.  We originally called it the ‘flower bud’ dance.”
He continued, “We all agreed to try something different the minute we heard our title track.  For ‘Come Back Again,’ our image was centered around the boy-next-door look.  Is it safe to say that we’ve become men now (laughter)?  Little by little, we wanted to create our own genre, which is how the ‘Scorpion Dance’ was born.  Please call us the ’seven amazing scorpions’ (laughter).  Since our outfits today are gold, how about ‘the gold scorpions’? (laughter).
Dongwoo stated, “I think we really are good at group dancing. We didn’t know at first until we were all surprised after watching the replay monitor.  All seven of us folded our fingers at the exact same time without a mistake.”
Hoya and Dongwoo both took over the rapping positions for their comeback album, and participated in writing the lyrics for their raps in every song. Since they’re still young musicians, the two revealed that they’re curious about many things, and that there’s still a lot to work on.
They both commented, “It was really difficult to write raps.  It was impossible to work on something ahead of time because we weren’t sure which songs would be included in the album.  We made an intro for all of the songs one by one, which was especially difficult.  Every single song in the album was made through our blood and sweat.  It’s still hard to believe that we made something like this whenever we look at the end product.  It really does make us feel proud in being able to hear what we’ve created.”
When asked to pick a ‘key word’ for their group, they all chose ‘Challenge.’  In order to stand at where they are now with their own unique color, just a year into their debut, required the endless efforts from all seven members.  They took the stage by storm at their January 6th showcase, and proved their growth and worth to the crowd. The audience were also impressed by the limitless potential that seems to await the group.
INFINITE concluded, “Just like our name, we want to be infinite in our growth.  Challenging ourselves is always a scary task, but we can overcome it with our desire to have our fans listen to better music.  We’re doing our best every time we stand on stage.  There are still some people who confuse our name with a car brand, but in order to get rid of such embarrassments, we’ll be continuing to work towards our goal of reaching the public with a song that will engrave the name ‘INFINITE’ for good.”
Source: Allkpop

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