Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leeteuk and his singging

On MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday night- Enjoy Today’(오즐) which was aired on the 23rd of January, a ballad release competition was held. Leeteuk who was in the competition showed off his hidden singing talent and received the highest score of 35.
Leeteuk showed a different side of him by showing his very serious side. He sang very well and he was very stable when he hit the high notes. All of the Judges were amazed and they praised him endlessly. Such comments are: “I told you he is good”, “ He is sooooo good in singing !!”,” Variety and singing is Leeteuk !”,” If you haven’t seen Leeteuk sing, don’t even say anything. Ah this is just awesome".

Leeteuk worked really hard because he was worried he is not good enough but hearing those comments I could say that it really payed off. Don't you think so?

Writter: Joshua Diaz
Source: Newsen
Korean to English Translation by: teukiebiased @ Angeleeteuk.com
Shared by babyface25 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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