Monday, January 24, 2011

G.NA makes a ‘BLACK & WHITE’ comeback on Inkigayo

After a strong debut last year, female soloist G.NA makes a comeback on the January 23rd episode ofInkigayo with the title track off her new album, “‘BLACK & WHITE.”
This was G.NA’s comeback stage after a three-month break and she expressed, “This is a different type of feeling than the one I had before debuting. I feel like I’m debuting all over again.”
She added, “I do feel a burden due to that fact but I so badly want to show to others that I have grown as a musician. Also, for this album, I tried to show my real personality through the music.”
She summed up by saying, “The title track is very energetic, similar to what I’m like. Through these promotion activities, I want to give off the ‘nuna next door’ image.”
She also performed “I Already Miss You“, so check out her double song performance below!
Source: Allkpop

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