Friday, January 28, 2011

Tiffany explained why SNSD are invincible, on SBS-CNBC!

SBS-CNBC news talked about ‘Kpop Syndrome’ and majority part of the news centered on SNSD. When asked about the strength of SNSD, Tiffany’s answer can be summarized as:
- 9 girls
- Strong team work
- Chemistry
- Supportive and passionate fans
After the ‘Kpop Syndrome’ clip, Korean viewers were also taught some English words and phrases used in the video. Click HERE to watch the video!
Didn’t catch what Tiffany said? No worries. Here you go!
“The strength in Girls’ Generation will have to be…because there are 9 girls of course and we practice together for a really long time so we have good chemistry and strong team work. I have to say that it’s a firm foundation of a group and not to mention, really really supportive and passionate fans all around the world”
- Tiffany
 Source: Fanwonder, via Twitter

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