Friday, January 28, 2011

G.NA reveals the drawbacks of having a glamorous body

Singer G.NA has been headlining for weeks due to the glamorous body shots seen from her ”BLACK & WHITE” teasers. But according to the songstress, possessing such a body can be quite troublesome at times.
G.NA revealed during a press interview, “My body is a size 44, but I’m a D-cup so I have to stretch out the chest area for my clothes. I can’t buy bras in Korea either since it’s hard to find sizes for thin bodies with D-cups.”
Despite earning praise and headlining for her curves, G.NA explained, “Because of my big breasts, my shoulders and neck hurt a lot.”
Netizens commented, “I guess even perfect bodies are troublesome,” “Well, anything in excess isn’t good,” and “It must be hard to express such concerns anywhere.”
Source: Medical News Today, Allkpop

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