Wednesday, January 26, 2011

B2ST auctions off personal items during BBQ mini-concert

On January 26th, chicken company BBQ held a ‘BBQ B2ST Mini-Concert‘ in Seoul.
During the event, personal items belonging to the individual members of B2ST were auctioned off, and the profits made will be used to benefit children suffering from leukemia.
In order to attend this event, the public was asked to visit BBQ Chicken’s official website and leave a comment to the statement, “Reason(s) why BBQ chicken is good for using extra virgin olive oil and 100% organic chickens.” 2,000 individuals were chosen at random, and received an invitation to watch B2ST’s mini-concert this afternoon, although it was delayed for close to 2 hours after some fans got overzealous and started pushing around, creating safety concerns for others.
Affiliated members of BBQ commented, “This will be a multiple beneficial event where a customer can enjoy eating BBQ chicken at a reduced price, use the event comment box to have a chance of meeting B2ST, and know that the money they donate to the auction will be used for good purposes. We will try hard to make sure that customers are satisfied knowing that they are participating.”
Source: Allkpop

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