Friday, January 28, 2011

B2ST tops album pre-order charts in Japan

It’s a ‘beastly’ indication of their impending success in Japan - B2ST’s Japanese debut single, ‘SHOCK’, has topped the album pre-order charts from Tower Records Japan!
On January 25th, fans noted that B2ST had locked down the top two spots on the chart with their “SHOCK [CD + DVD] Limited Edition C” at #1, and “Limited Edition B” at #2.
But it’s not just their CDs that are carving niches – B2ST’s first DVD, ‘SO, BEAST – THE CLIPS’ placed 5th on the chart.
Considering how the group managed to land 50% of the slots in the ‘top 10′, many are commenting on the level of anticipation for B2ST’s powerful debut.
A representative from the Japanese music industry mused, “It’s rare to see a debut album take over half the charts. B2ST will be a top candidate in sweeping Japan as a new boy group.”
They continued, “It’s anticipated that B2ST will create another sensation in Japan, considering how they have a solid level of popularity in Korea as well.”
Last year in November, B2ST successfully held their first Japanese showcase with 10,000 fans in attendance.
Be sure to check back with allkpop for updates on B2ST’s upcoming Japanese single!
Source: Daum Media, Allkpop

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