Friday, January 28, 2011

G.NA on her album production, comeback, and goals for the year

Last year, G.NA confidently told men to ‘live a happy life without her‘ through her debut song, “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live“. The singer made her comeback this month with 180° concept flip, as she asks men to ‘accept her love‘ in  ”BLACK & WHITE“.
This is the singer’s second promotion cycle after a successful debut; she headlined as the industry’s most-anticipated star, and confirmed her talent through a trophy win from “M. Countdown“.  In order to continue her streak of success, the singer decided to go ahead and prepare a full official album for her comeback, showcasing everything she has to offer under her own name.
G.NA was revealed to have taken part in everything from the production to the concept to even the track selections for her very first album, all under the support of her agency, Cube Entertainment.
She explained, “I feel like the past six months of activities just flew right by me.  Since my debut track was something strong, I sought a concept that was both sexy and cute.  It feels great, as I feel like I’ve finally found a concept that’s right for me.”
While her choreography is indeed ’sexy and cute’, her lyrics remind one of the sweetness of singer-songwriter Yangpa. The modern but impressive melody is comforting enough to capture the ears of any music fan, and it also exhibits G.NA’s outstanding vocals and bubbly personality.
The song is her second work with composer Kim Do Hoon, who also created her debut track from last year.  He intended for the synth sound and strong guitar rhythm to bring out the full color of G.NA’s unique vocals.
On the production of her album, G.NA revealed, “I was glad to be able to fill the album with a variety of genres like dance and ballad. My personality is very open, so I worked on my music with a free heart.  Enjoying the stage with a positive mindset just makes everything more fun.”
The singer also headlined for weeks before her comeback due to her gorgeous mannequin-like figure. I lost about 3.5 kg and gained a lot of muscle.  I do eat a lot normally, but dancing so often just naturally allows me to maintain my figure.  I try not to be too stressed about dieting.”
Her goal for the year consists of an aggressive plan to promote her career overseas.  She managed to rank first on a Singaporean chart without any special promotions, and even toured Southeast Asia to greet her new fans.
She reflected,Without any outside promotion, about 3,000 people came to our Singaporean showcase last year.  I was really moved when people sang along to my Korean lyrics. This year, I want to visit my fans in countries overseas.”
When asked to choose a long-term goal for herself, she replied, “I want to become an icon of the Korean music industry with music, performance, and fashion all chosen by me.  Nothing impressive, but just G.NA’s style.  You will all look forward to my growth as a singer, right?”
Source: Allkpop

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