Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Junior’s Shindong splits his pants during ‘SM Town Live Japan’

Super Junior’s Shindong is causing both his fans and netizens to roll around the floor laughing, as he recently revealed his ripped pants through Twitter.
Shindong was in Japan with his labelmates for the ‘SM Town Live‘ concert in Tokyo, and as it turned out, he ripped his pants wide open during the concert.
The star tweeted, ’You all know that the performances have ended. Why didn’t anyone say anything. My pants… Until the last song ended. It was these pants. I unexpectedly exposed myself in Japan. I started excitedly, I jumped excitedly, and waved excitedly. TT
From the photo, it’s clear that the pants’ crotch area had ripped. However, Shindong wasn’t aware of the situation until after the concert had ended.
The netizens commented, ‘Shindong’s post made my eyes turn red, ‘Unfair exposure’, and ‘Even though I shouldn’t be thinking about it, I think about it often.’
Source:TV Daily via NateAllkpop

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