Friday, January 28, 2011

BoA will begin filming for her Hollywood movie “COBU 3D” this spring

We reported at the beginning of the month that BoA was getting ready to film her Hollywood movie. The movie is directed by Duane Adler and produced by Robert Colt. The two have worked together on the dance movie “Save The Last Dance.”

Now it’s been reported that “Dancing with the Stars” dancer and choreographer Derek Hough will participate in the movie “COBU 3D” with BoA. The filming will begin this spring. The two will play dancers who grew up in different environments. The duo run into each other at an underground New York club and are threatened by one another. However, the story turns into a Romeo and Juliet story as the two fall in love.
Derek Hough is a three time champion on “Dancing with the Stars” and has earned three Creative Arts Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Choreography for his work on the popular dance show. Prior to his participation on “Dancing with the Stars,” he took part of the Broadway musical “Footloose” in London. He plans to return to “Dancing with the Stars” after he finished with “COBU 3D.”
In addition to the producer being Robert Cort, CJ Entertainment and SM Entertainment are listed as co-producers of “COBU 3D.” Shooting for the movie will begin this spring in Toronto and New York.
“COBU 3D” is a movie that will focus on dance battles and a beautiful love story. A variety of different dances will be seen in the movie including tap dancing, hip-hop, and swing. This movie will be released in 3D and already has high expectations.
BoA’s Hollywood debut film is set to be released in early 2012. As the heroine of the movie, BoA will showcase her acting and dancing talents on screen. CJ Entertainment will be distributing the movie in Korea, China, and Japan. Lionsgate International will be the international sales agent with pre-sales beginning at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2011.
With more information being revealed about her movie, what is going through your mind?
Source: OSENCredit: Koreaboo

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