Friday, January 28, 2011

Sooyoung wants Avril Lavigne to write songs for SNSD

On Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station‘ aired on January 28th, TVXQ, SNSDand Avril Lavigne appeared on the show and according to the MCs of ‘Music Station’, it was a rather rare to have 3 foreign artistes coming on the show.
During the interview, Sooyoung expressed her admiration for Avril Lavigne and hopes that one day, Avril Lavigne could write songs for SNSD as well. Upon hearing that, Avril Lavigne smiled cutely and said, “What the hell! Why not?“. The crowd gave a loud round of applause at her answer. SNSD and Avril Lavigne looked at one another and laughed.
Source: Boshi_1004@Twitter, Fanwonder via Twitter

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