Friday, January 28, 2011

SM Entertainment's Japan concert earned......

On January 25 and 26, 2011, “SM TOWN” had their world tour at Tokyo’s National Yoyogi Stadium.

This time, DBSK showed that they were going strong. Groups like SHINee and SNSD have gotten attention as the “New Faces” on the Japanese stage.
Even though SHINee hasn’t debuted officilly in Japan yet, you could see that they already have a lot of fans. SNSD has a lot of female fans who want to be like them.
A person close to SM Entertainment stated that in ticket sales alone for these 2 performances, SM has potentially earned around 300 million yen (~3.6 million USD). The price of the tickets were 12,800 yen (~154 USD) and all 12,000 seats were sold out during each performance. The shirts, clothing, albums and character goods are also expected to have sold well.
They claim these performances were a “preliminary performance” to April’s Tokyo Dome performances. Simply, just in ticket sales for the Tokyo Dome performance, 100,000 people should attend and that would make SM earn more than 1 billion yen (~12 million USD).

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