Wednesday, February 2, 2011

G.NA considers SECRET’s Hyosung as her maknae forever

During an interview with reporters on February 1st, singer G.NA expressed her affection for her fellow “Five Girls” members.
“After our individual debuts, we weren’t able to get together for a long time in person and could only kept in contact using other methods. Once Jiwon debuts and we all get a bit of free time on our own, I’m looking forward to a meeting around 2012,” she said.
“Five Girls” was a girl group comprised of G.NA, Wonder Girls‘ YubinAfter School’UEESECRET’sHyosung, and Jiwon (who’s currently preparing for her acting debut). The group never actually debuted because their agency, Good Entertainment, experienced some financial troubles. The girls disbanded and eventually succeeded elsewhere.
G.NA continued, “We ask each other how everyone’s doing and even monitor for one other. Since Yubin is in the U.S., she’ll look over our outfits and choreography, and contact us by phone or through Twitter. The same goes for the other members. We haven’t been able to meet up yet, but our hearts are always together.”
Her affection for Hyosung is stronger than for the others’ because she was the maknae. With Hyosung graduating and becoming the proud leader of SECRET, G.NA couldn’t help but reminisce fondly over the past. “I see Hyosung in the waiting room often. Although she’s a strong leader of a team, she’ll always be a maknae to me. I feel really proud every time I see her, it’s like I’ve become her mother.”
She added, “Living in one house together, we shared many tears, hardships, but also many joys. I can tell what she’s thinking just by looking at her eyes. I think it’ll be the same when I meet the others.”


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