Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heechul Updates - For Thailand

Heechul: 12PLUS!! Hi Thailand^-^ Heenim & Ryeong9 We are RICE BROTHERS!!
Heechul recently posted a picture of him and Ryeowook having a great bonding. This picture was presented for the Thailand-fans. This picture caused "RICE BROTHERS" to trend in Twitter worldwide. Their brotherly relationship is really showed in the picture. What do you think of this brotherly relationship?
Some comments are "rice brother! seriously?" "BROTHERS!! Heenim & Ryeo beautiful..^o^ 
I Love You..Kim Heechul" "OMG so hot!!! :)) But why it's RICE BROTHERS? Have fun there ^^" "waaa, HeeWook couple??? ^^ so sexy the 2 of you. Hee-nim don't want 83line??" and many more.

Writter: Joshua Diaz
Source: Heechul (@Heedictator) retweeted by Ryeowook (@ryeong9) via Twitter 

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