Wednesday, February 2, 2011

B2ST’s Doojoon kissed Ga-In 15 times for “All My Love”

On February 1st, B2ST’s Doojoon guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and revealed the story behind his kiss scene with Ga-In for their sitcom, “All My Love
The MBC sitcom is currently in the midst of developing their love line, as explained by Doojoon, “I play the role of a guy who crushes on Ga-In. I knew that there’d be a kiss scene somewhere down the line, and lo and behold, there really was.”
He continued, “Any man with a healthy body and mind would get excited over the event. My heart fluttered briefly while shooting the kiss scene, but I began to see Jo Kwon’s face floating right next to Ga-In’s. I thought it’d end quickly, but it took two hours, and we kissed about 15 times.”
Ga-In’s former ‘virtual husband’ was then asked about how the kiss scene made him feel. Jo Kwon replied, “It felt weird, but I wasn’t jealous. Although when I first saw the script, I had trouble breathing.”

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