Wednesday, February 2, 2011

4minute asks fans to look forward to their comeback

On February 2nd, the ladies of 4minute raised everyone’s anticipation for their comeback by revealing that they were recording for their next album!
Jihyun stated, “As it’s the year of the rabbit, we’ll be showing new sides to 4minute and will be greeting you all soon, so please look forward to us. We’re busily recording right now, and hope to quickly show it to everyone.”
4minute continued, “Please consider 4minute as your luck for the 2011 New Year and wait for us. When our album finally comes out, we’ll work to fill you with happiness and joy through our songs.  Prepare yourself to become happy!”
Gayoon stated,I want to visit my grandmother’s over the holiday. She lives in the country, so I want to enjoy country food and just spend a nice quiet time with our members. I hope to eat the delicious meals cooked by Jihyun unni and rice cake soup made by Hyuna.”
Jiyoon added, Spending time with our families will be a priority. I want to meet up with my friends and spend time chatting and enjoying the smaller joys in life.”
Hyuna revealed, I’d like to be able to spend time with my family, eat delicious things with the members, and play traditional Korean games.”
Sohyun expressed that she’d like to meet her parents over the break and added,Please watch out for the variety programs we’ll be appearing on!”
Jihyun concluded, “Last Lunar New Year, we were promoting in Thailand, but this year, we hope to be able to spend it with our family and relatives. My grandparents are both getting old, so I am worried about their health and want to be near them. I hope to spend a quiet and simple, but also the happiest, break with my family.”
Hyuna concluded, We appeared in special Lunar New Year programs, and even gave our try at a marathon. It was our first time, so I thought all I had to do was run, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. We began the New Year with a cold, but I’d like to consider it a way of driving away the evil in order for everyone to spend a healthy and Happy New Year.”
Source: Star News

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