Friday, February 4, 2011

Heechul Updates - Graduation Picture

유치원때인듯. 강호동형 닮은 것 같다~
Heechul: 유치원때인듯. 강호동형 닮은 것 같다~
Traslation: Kindergarden picture. Seems like formidable isomorphism~
Heechul recently posted his graduation picture. He looks so different if you ask me. Is this the work of the isomorphism? But at least he looks cute. Some fan comments are: "sooo cute" "~ owh..oppa..really cute!! a prof...hehe...^^" "Aigoo~~ Look how CUTE you were before and look how HOT you are now XD" and "oppa cuteeeee <3". 

Writer: Joshua Diaz
Source: Heechul (@Heedictator) via Twitter

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