Wednesday, February 23, 2011

KBS World's anniversary event.

Are you a KBS World viewer and a TVXQ or a SHINee fan well join now to KBS World's anniversary event in which you could win an “Autographed” CDs of SHINee & TVXQ". There are 3 ways to join and the best part is you can join to all of these 3 ways. 

First you can join by sending a video of yourself. The video must be in the length of 1 to 3 minutes only. The video which you will be sending will be broadcasted in the anniversary special program, its like being a star in a few minutes so make sure your video quality is good. Just remember to be fun and creative.

Second you could join in Twitter and/or Facebook. You could send the following: 

1) “KBS is ( )!” - Finish the sentence by filling in the bracket~!
(eg> [KBS] KBS is (My Happy Pill)! No matter how tough real life gets, your dramas make me happy! (Nicole/Philippines)

2) Write a 3-line poem describing “KBS”.
- Each line of the poem should start with each letter in the word “K.B.S”.
(eg> [KBS] K:  KBS staffs will  B: be  S: surprised by your witty messages! ;p (Mindy/USA)

3) Cheering messages to Korean celebrities / KBS crews

Third you could join by writing a letter to KBS.

Plus you could also make a message to SHINee, TVXQ , Jo Young-nam, Yang Hui-eun, Goo Chang-mo, Tenor Kim Nam-do, baritone Han Myeong-won, and Song So-hui and KBS will surely give the message to them!

So Join now for a chance to win an Autographed sighed CD of SHINee and TVXQ.

Writer: Joshua Diaz
Source/Credits: KBS World via Twitter (@kbsworldtv)  

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