Saturday, February 12, 2011

U-Kiss Kevin, “This Valentine’s Day, I want to receive chocolates from Sandara Park.”

Idol group, U-Kiss member, Kevin, expressed his admiration for 2NE1 member, Sandara Park (A/N: LMAO, what is it with KMedia and their fond use of the word “member” like 2ne1 member, UKiss member, whatev).
On the 11th, in the press conference for Arirang TV’s “Star Date with U-Kiss in Hong-Kong,” Kevin revealed that Sandara Park is the female idol he would want to receive chocolates from this Valentines (A/N: Before you flame him, know that South Korea celebrates both Valentines and White Day. On Valentines, the ladies give the dudes chocolates to show admiration or love, while the guys reciprocate on White Day, by giving candy to the lady they like or love.)
Kevin revealed that for the coming Valentine’s Day, and also answered the question as to which female idol he would like to give candy to during White Day, “I want to receive chocolate from Sandara Park, and I want to give her candy in return,” he said. Eli was also present during the press conference, and revealed Hyun Young to be his ideal.
The purpose of the program is for fans and stars to go on a date to get to know each other, “Star Dating is an opportunity for us to get closer to U-Kiss fans. Since we have to directly choose a fan for the date, it’s a time for us to be closer to them,” he explained.
When the two were asked a question about what their ideal girl should be like, Kevin responded, “She should have a light nature, and someone who smiles often. The ideal woman I have in mind is someone who understands and accepts me.”
A/N: I only translated the significant stuff. But Eli commented on how the show would improve Hong Kong and Korea relationship, and that Hong Kong has really beautiful, exotic sites. :)

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