Thursday, February 3, 2011

SHINee on Taiwanese TV...

We recently reported that SHINee visited Taiwan to participate in the Lunar New Year’s Eve television special program. The remaining four members had to perform without vocalist Jonghyun due to his foot injury.
The arrival of SHINee in Taiwan caused a huge amount of fans to appear at the airport. In 2010, the group had held a concert that sold more than 3,000 tickets. The boys appeared on the show Avenue of Stars shortly after they arrived in Taiwan. Once arriving on the red carpet, after introducing themselves in Chinese, the four members were asked to say traditional Chinese New Year phrases. They also sang a short bit of “Lucifer”, much to the excitement of the Taiwanese fans who had come to see them.
In the segment, the announcers gave a brief interview and background explanation on the boys of SHINee.
Male Announcer: Right here, causing a huge commotion, we have one of Korea’s top groups: SHINee!
Female Announcer: Taemin, Minho, Key, Jongyun, and Onew: these are the five members of the group. These boys are extremely popular and welcome in Taiwan. Last year they held a concert that sold, in 15 minutes, over 3,000 tickets! Welcome!
Male Announcer: Wow, there are too many girls that like them (SHINee).
Female Announcer: You’re right, the screaming is no joke!
Male Announcer: For the people that it’s their first time seeing SHINee, let me have them introduce themselves for a second. -gestures at the group-
All: Hello everyone, we are SHINee!
Onew: Hello, I am Onew.
Taemin: Hi everyone, I’m Taemin.
Minho: Hello everyone, I am Minho.
Key: Hi, I am Key.
Male Announcer: Ah, they really have put a lot of hard work in coming here to Taiwan, knowing that it’s our New Year! They came as a present for everyone to celebrate, right?
Female Announcer: Could each one of you say a word to the audience? (Note:The particular phrasing context asked if the boys could say a lucky phrase.)
Onew: Have a surplus every year!
Male Announcer and Female Announcer: -repeats the phrase with correct pronunciation-
Onew: Ah. -corrects his pronunciation-
Taemin: Happy New Year!
Male Announcer and Female Announcer: -repeats Taemin-
Minho: Go further with every step you take in your future!
Male Announcer and Female Announcer: -repeats Minho-
Key: Have lots of fortune!
Male Announcer and Female Announcer: -repeats Key-
Male Announcer: It’s been said that they (SHINee) are very good at singing and dancing!
Female Announcer: Also, it is each one of them individually that is very good at dancing.
Male Announcer: -asks the audience- Do you want to see them dance? (crowd cheers). Ah, they have a dance that’s very popular. What’s it called?
Female Announcer: It’s the handcuff dance.
Male Announcer: The handcuff dance. Isn’t it? Don’t they have a dance move that’s known as the handcuff dance? Could you teach us a little bit?
Onew: Are you guys ready?
Male Announcer: Alright, let’s go!
Onew: 1, 2, 3, 4!
SHINee: -sings and dances to “Lucifer”-
Male Announcer: Oh yeah! Then, let’s all give thanks to SHINee!
After their short interview on the carpet, the boys proceeded to give a performance of “Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay)” to the crowd’s obvious delight. After “Noona You’re So Pretty”, the boys transitioned into “Lucifer”, which was met with loud screams and chants from the audience.
Besides appearing on “Avenue of Stars”, the boys of SHINee also appeared on the evening news in Taiwan along with After School, where they discussed how much the Hallyu wave, thanks to idol groups, has spread in recent years.
Congratulations to the boys of SHINee for putting on a fantastic performance and appearing on the news! We certainly hope that they will continue to enjoy their enormous popularity in not only Korea but also in Taiwan and continue appearing for their international fans!
Sources: gar8513vivianlou123 and Nohl
Credit: Koreaboo
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