Friday, February 18, 2011

Fan give's bad comments on YouTube...

I think some of you must be thinking "Nothings new, There is always an anti fan/fan writing bad comments in YouTube videos", but in this case It's different cause this fan named devotedSNSDfan is not a real SNSD fan cause this person writes bad comments in YouTube videos and because of her user name, devotedSNSDfan, she tends to make a bad name to not just the SONEs out there but to SNSD as well.

Many SONEs are now posting comments to warn every fan to not believe this so called devotedSNSDfan because she is nothing but a fake. She wrote bad comments in SHINee videos, f(x) videos, and many more. What do you think shall we exterminate this so called fan?

Writer: Joshua Diaz
Source/Credit: YouTube

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